January 22, 2018

Mike Parrish Wasn’t a Vinlander, He Just Liked to Pose in Pictures With Them

We expected the WPs to distance themselves from Mike Parrish, the bonehead corrections officer accused of killing his girlfriend and son in Pennsylvania, but when you are talking about four shootings in as many months from right wing scum, you can only distance yourself but so much. And you can’t say that Parrish wasn’t down with the Vinlander Social Club when there are pictures online (like this one of Parrish and the dude arrested with him, Conrad Jankowski, posing with other Vinlander probates) that say otherwise. But this is why we call them boneheads. The murders were very foul, but when we look at what was in the head of who is accused of killing Victoria Adams and 2-year-old Sidney Parrish, the fact that we find Hitler in there should not come as no surprise. Both Michael and Vicky held neo-Nazi beliefs, although while we have to make note of it in the article, for decency’s sake we can’t dwell too much on it in Vicky’s case. The fact that she and Sidney are victims of domestic violence is what matters now, nothing else. Alas, it is what seems to be a constant thread weaving throughout the white power circles, the same circles who spend way too much time worrying about how bad other races might be. Let this serve as an example as to why they need to take care of their own backyard first – before someone else does it for them.

One People’s Project

The Vinlander Social Club (VSC), have spent the past week since the murder of an Effort, PA woman and her 2-year-old son denying that her boyfriend and father of her son who is accused of their murder had anything to do with them. This is despite a photo that has surfaced of new Vinlander probates that included not only him but also the person who he was arrested with and charged with helping him flee.

On the Chrisy58 blog, a poster using the name “NJVSC’ – a name often used by Dan McGlouphlin, a Vinlander from Point Pleasant, NJ – wrote that Michael John Parrish, 23, who was arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Victoria Adams and their son Sidney Parrish has never been a member of the organization. “I don’t know who you people are, or where you get your false information from, but clearly you’ve been following someone who is exploiting the murder of two innocent people, to further their own agenda, which is almost as sick as the crime itself,” he wrote. “This was not a crime committed by a neo-nazi skinhead. It was a crime committed by a sick individual who deserves the maximum penalty, if found guilty, of this horrific tragedy, whatever his beliefs may be. Please do not refer to this ‘man’ as a Vinlander.”

While Parrish was not a full member of the VSC, he was indeed a probate, someone who was pledging to become a member. A group photo shows a group of Vinlanders at the time they were receiving their probate patches. In addition to recognizable faces such as McGlouphin, Patrick Fahey and Ryan Broverone, Parrish stands just in front of VSC co-founder Brien James. Next to Parrish is Conrad Jankowski, who is currently facing charges of hindering apprehension after allegedly helping Parrish flee, only for the both of them to be caught and arrested while sleeping in a white Ford Bronco in New Hampshire. Parrish, who worked as a corrections officer at the Monroe County Correctional Facility, is accused of shooting Adams and their toddler to death in their home in Effort, PA on July 7.

The New York/New Jersey chapter of the VSC has grown in the past few years and has even started to move into Pennsylvania. Both Parrish and Jankowski are from New York, but had moved into Pennsylvania over the past year. Parrish and Adams both maintained relationships with both Vinlander and Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) associates over the past year as evidenced by their MySpace profiles. Parrish, under the name “Greasy Leprechaun”, is among the friends on KSS member Steve Smith’s profile. Both he and Adams were on various Vinlander profiles as well.

Adams, who also called herself “Vicky Venom” and had a MySpace page under the name “*Mikes* Princess* Vikki* Ven0m*”, also had a YouTube channel under the name “honkytonkgal88”, where she expressed neo-Nazi views of her own, including in a video where she shows off a tattoo on her forearm of a swastika. However, while postings on line by both Adams and Parrish have suggested they were happy together, even alluding to them being married – Adams even posting on her YouTube channel, “The Venoms are married!!” and Parrish writing on his MySpace profile that he “Loves his wife Victoria and son Sidney more than anything else!” – friends and family of Victoria Adams said that Parrish was jealous and abusive, and Adams was actually trying to break up with him at the time of the murders.

Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty for Parrish.

This is reportedly a group photo of Vinlander probates in New Jersey. At left is Pat Fahey with Dan McGlouphin with his arm around him. Fourth from Left is Ryan Broverone, originally from New Jersey, now in Arizona, and VSC co-founder Brian James next to him. Right in front of James is Michael Parrish and next to him is Conrad Jankowski. They, along with the guy with the 28 patch kneeling in front were all probates from New York.

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  1. Front row is none other than William F. Severino III from Sayreville NJ. He is a known criminal,drug user,woman beater and hate monger.

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