February 24, 2018

‘They’re Wearing Masks!’ Antifa Shuts Down NJ Neo-Nazi Meeting at Library

When you come back from confronting neo-Nazis, and one of the things you have to do is wipe the jelly from a donut off your camera, there is no way to tell your story of the day without laughing your head off. We could have been finished with this article hours ago, but we had to stop every five minutes or so for a rather extended laugh break. Then we had to relay the story on the phone to our people in other towns so that’s more laughing. Then there is the video, which isn’t long, but in preparing it to show you, there was even more laughing. In short, the League of American Patriots, the latest attempt by the New Jersey Nazis that gave you the Elmwood Park hilarity, is a complete laughingstock. They have been able to get a name for themselves because of the flyer pictured that basically tried to say that if Obama became president the country will be destroyed, simply beause he is black. The flyers and the sentiment annoyed people, and March 21 was the first opportunity anyone ever had to tell them so to their face. Here’s a bit of advice for organizers of future neo-Nazi meetings: public libraries are just that, public. If people who don’t like you or what you stand for want to sit in on your meeting, you can’t stop them unless they break a law or something. While we wouldn’t want to be deprived of future “This is why we call them boneheads” moments by them thinking they can hold private meetings at libraries, we would much rather see the libraries free from having to deal with that kind of trash. Sadly for the League people, they didn’t get that today. Instead they were introduced to antifa who promptly made light work of their meeting, causing neo-Nazis to run for the nearest exit. The story and video follows.

CLIFTON, NJ Mar. 21—A local library was duped into booking a meeting of the white supremacist League of American Patriots (LEAP), a meeting that was almost immediately routed when anti-racist activists (antifa) in effect forced the attendees to leave.

What LEAP said was their bimonthly meeting was announced on Stormfront, a white supremacist discussion board, although there was no mention of the location of the meeting place. It was learned that the meeting was held at the Alwood Branch Library on Lyall Road.

Approximately fifteen attendees were present, among them Erick Weigel of the Nationalist Coalition and attorney Alex Carmichael, who is also LEAP’s co-founder and who ran the meeting. Some of them had been seen at other meetings, including at a David Irving lecture in New York City last summer.

The meeting had hardly started before approximately seven antifa appeared. The meeting room’s door was immediately locked from the inside, but the antifa were able to enter via another door to oppose the gathering chanting “Nazis out!” According to one account, one of the meeting attendees brandished a knife, but no one was injured. The attendees also became distressed, some about the activists with one woman shouting “They’re wearing masks!” some turning on one another accusing each other of being spies, and many lamenting the threat to their employment, one even saying he worked for the state. That person reportedly was the one seen driving off in a maroon Ford Pickup with a New Jersey license plate number PUT 70R. The man accused of wielding the knife left with a silver-haired woman who shielded her face as they drove away in a Ford Taurus with a New York license plate number ELE 4155. Weigel and an older man in a suit left in the same black pickup he had two years ago during his scuffle with antifa at an anti-immigration rally in Morristown, NJ.

Antifa were detained briefly by police, but no charges were filed. It is unknown where the meeting attendees went after they retreated from the library, but there were plans to go to an Irish bar and other events.

The League of American Patriots were observing their first anniversary with this meeting. They managed to get press over the pass year due to racist flyers they produced “warning” against then-presidential candidate Barack Obama becoming President found throughout North Jersey. Before the melee with antifa there was a mention of possible similar activism around the case of Finnish neo-Nazi Henrik Holappa, who is currently detained in Buffalo, pending possible deportation to his homeland, where he faces hate crime charges. Monday March 23 is slated by neo-Nazi to be a day of activism in support of Holappa, and Weigel was among those in attendance who had visited him at the Buffalo, NY detention center where he is being held.

According to library officials, LEAP booked the meeting room under the guise of being a “Polish American Group”, and has held similar meetings at other branches in Clifton as well, including Clifton’s main library. Most library systems require those who reserve conference rooms to be a resident of the municipality that the library is in. Library officials say they never knew what kind of group they actually were, and will be reviewing the matter in the following week.

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