January 22, 2018

Walter Dille – GUILTY!

New Jersey. The Garden State. Home to 8,682,661 people – plus one. The latest addition is a Florida transplant whohas been here awhile, but the state has arrainged it so that he may never leave. Walter Dille, the bonehead tight with the Atlantic City “Skins” (ACS) is going to rot in jail, convicted of carjacking and killing a African American woman four years ago. “Snake” – as he likes to call himself – will be permanently defanged at his sentencing on April 3, because it looks like it will be life for his sorry ass. He had nothing going for him, but he decided to go after someone who was doing for herself. Maybe some of these WPs out there should concern themselves with how they are living, rather than cry about people of color all the time. It always seems like they are their biggest problem, especially when we are talking about ACS.


MAYS LANDING, N.J. – A self-proclaimed white supremacist and skinhead was convicted Monday of murdering an African-American woman he encountered in an Atlantic County movie theater parking lot in 2005.

Walter Anthony Dille Jr., 40, was convicted of murder, carjacking, robbery and other charges in the shooting death of Cindy Cade, 44, of Galloway Township.

He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced April 3.

Dille, who has no permanent address, had remained in jail after he was unable to post $1 million bail. He showed little emotion after the verdict was read, but the victim’s husband and relatives wiped away tears.

“For the last three years, Marcus Cade and his family have had nothing but memories,” said prosecutor Murray Talasnik. “The hope is that with this verdict they can now add justice and peace.”

Cade had gone to a movie theater in Hamilton Township the day of the shooting to buy tickets for a show that night.

During the trial, a witness testified that Dille encountered her, yelled to her to get back in the car, fired a shot at close range and fled.

During the trial, Dille’s lawyer said that his client admits to being a white supremacist and skinhead, and that he had uttered “vile” statements about race relations. But the lawyer said there was a lack of physical evidence tying Dille to the crime, noting that one witness told police the man she saw near the victim’s car was “not a white man.”

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